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Semen Cardona hosts a delegation of international CIA managers

October 10, 2019

Yesterday, Semen Cardona received a visit from a delegation of CIA officials through IMV, an international company that is a reference in the areas of veterinary and medical assisted reproduction technologies. The event was attended by about twenty attendees, from Russia, Belarus, and Brazil, all of them being managers of insemination centers of some of the most important companies in their respective countries, such as Agroceres PIC, Miratong, Agroeco or Brestplem, among others.

During the event, Semen Cardona offered a visit to the laboratory and made a presentation about the company, its history, and its work. Afterward, they started a debate where common problems and solutions concerning the business of artificial insemination and swine genetics were put on the table, considering, despite the distance, they are common issues. Subsequently, and after lunch, all of them made a second visit to Humeco, specialists in reproduction biotechnology and IMV collaborators.

Attendees were impressed with the work that Semen Cardona has made Besides, attendees enjoyed a pleasant visit, where everyone learned positive knowledge and experiences. In this way, besides showing the great work Semen Cardona does, it allows building better relationships with other leading companies in the sector, which offers the possibility to expand and improve, and to continue offering the highest quality for our customers.